Mitsubishi L75-A91 75-Inch 1080p LaserVue HDTV Review

If you are planning to buy a larger display screen television and that too of higher definition then, there cannot be a better choice than Mitsubishi L75-A91 75-Inch 1080p LaserVue HDTV.


Mitsubishi has set new high standards in the market of large screen television by launching its latest model Mitsubishi L75-A91 75-Inch 1080p LaserVue HDTV that delivers ultimate large screen experience by way of amazing color display similar to that of theatres and cinema. The power consumed for operation by this HD television is almost a fraction when compared to the other competitors in the market. The 75 inch television works by way of Laservue harness that is the world’s purest source of light and imparts more than two times color than the similar flat TV panels selling in the market. The exclusive laser light technology imparts laser beams that provide a comprehensive diversity of complex and vibrant colors clubbed with immersed depth field and amazing pure clarity.

Mitsubishi L75-A91 75-Inch 1080p LaserVue HDTV includes steady 120 Film motion for conversion of 24 frame film into high definition resolution. There is a 12 bit 5G Plush 1080p video processing for conversion of non -HD material. Besides this, there is a Stream TV Internet media for accessing VUDU which is HD movie rental site, 4 HDMI inputs, Ethernet network for connecting to the home network and USB port for enjoying music and viewing photos.

Here are the other detailed crucial features of Mitsubishi L75-A91 75-Inch 1080p LaserVue HDTV –

  • 75 inchLCD Display with LaserVue technology – The 75 inch LCD Panel has a resolution of  1920 X 1080 pixels and thus provides complex and rich cinema like colors coupled with extensive clarity.
  • 3D Ready – the large screen television is embedded with 3D technology and user just needs to use a 3D eye wear for enjoying his favorite movie, sporting event or game in 3D display.
  • Stream TV Internet media – This features allows user to access a comprehensive database of high definition social media and entertainment content. There more than 100 applications to choose from that include VUDU movie rental, face book, Pandora, Picasa, Twitter, New York times, associated press and many more.
  • Steady 120 Film Motion – 120Hz is taken to a higher level. 24 frame films can easily be viewed in slow moving motion in a crisp and smooth way.
  • Processor of 6 colors – The primary colors green, blue and red are taken by the processor and three secondary colors – magenta, yellow and cyan are extracted so as to ensure accurate processing.
  • Edge Enhance technology – There is minimum picture distortion as vertical and horizontal edges are enhanced for a better picture.
  • Supreme video adjustments – There are detailed adjustments for brightness, sharpness, contrasts, color level, tint and many more to cater to natural day lightning conditions and night viewing.
  • Easy connect function – this function immediately recognizes devices as soon as it is plugged in and even prompts the user to name the device.

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