Review of Toshiba 55WX800U HDTV

Toshiba is just one of the several TV manufacturers that are active in pleasing all types of consumers. Things are more competitive on the entry-level and mid-range markets since more people are willing to view high definition content now. But people who want to buy much bigger displays should make sure that they have some rich features so they won’t need to upgrade to a newer and pricier large display in the long run. The 55-inch Toshiba 55WX800U is a great choice, which packs a lot of power in its large frame.


Product Features

The Toshiba 55WX800U has a 7,000,000:1 dynamic contrast ratio surpasses just about any plasma or LCD display. Displays like these never have any considerable problems regarding the deep blacks so all types of content generally look better. Although plasma displays go pretty close, LED displays like the 55WX800U benefit from having a thinner profile along with increased energy-saving capabilities. These enhancements are enough for the 55WX800U to meet the Energy Star requirements.

Large HDTVs work best with large home theater systems and with 4 HDMI ports to spare, you can freely customize what components will connect to your display. HTPCs, gaming consoles, and media players can all hook up quickly using HDMI ports and you have the older component and composite ports available in case you have older equipment.

Featured Technologies

The LED backlighting features is empowered with the CineSpeed Display which improves the detail of 1080p visuals. The results are more noticeable when you playback some 3D content. Putting on the Toshiba Active 3D glasses gives you that third dimensional wonder that brings the newest Blu-ray 3D titles to life.

A number of other technological enhancements include the PixelPure 5G where some sharpness improvements are added to the overall picture. The imagery stays sharp even when in fast motion thanks to the ClearFrame 240 Hz technology. Watching some live sports programs or playing high-speed first-person shooters are a treat with no annoying blurs. If you are more into video gaming, you can further boost your experience by turning on the “Game Mode” function. To further optimize your viewing experience, you are treated with an automatic brightness control called Toshiba AutoView where the brightness settings automatically adjust to the most optimal settings. In some situations, the brightness level is less which means better power savings.

Unlike several displays in this category, the 55WX800U is well rounded with audio technologies where Audyssey EQ and Dolby Volume take the spotlight. Audyssey EQ is actually featured in many AV receivers which allow professional equalizer adjustments. The Dolby Volume feature balances out the volume so you won’t hear certain bursts of loudness coming from different transitions.


In addition to the 3D, LED, and sound improvements, you get full Internet connectivity features where you can surf the web as soon as you are hooked up to a router. Use the remote to browse and enjoy streaming video from the web. You can also find some upgrades using the Yahoo! TV widgets service. To sum things up, the 55WX800U delivers a compelling experience to multimedia enthusiasts.


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